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Welcome to our exceptional programs designed to enhance your well-being and address specific needs. Take a moment to explore the following programs and discover the transformative benefits they offer.

Rehabilitation Pilates is centered around the breathing method. Pilates uses the ribcage breathing method which helps to stabilize the body because it uses several breathing muscles that are attached to the front and back of the body. It also uses the core muscles such as the transverse abdominis and pelvic floor muscles. As the torso stabilizes through these breathing techniques, you can enjoy pain-free and efficient movements with correct alignment of the body.

This pilates program will allow you to use your body correctly through trunk breathing,
corrected alignment which will allow you to find the ‘right posture’ for you and ensure your
body has a normal curvature and ideal alignment of the spine. This will relieve pain caused by diseases so that you can move your body around safely.

This program will be tailored and modified according to each individual’s physical condition and

 Heal U + Wellness & Pilates program

This is an exercise program tailored for those who love to play golf and want to prevent injuries related to golfing. This program will enable golfers to improve their form and movements to ensure they are customized and more accurate for every individual.

Upon this program, the next time you are playing golf, you can maintain a neutral spine and
activate the movement of the hip joint properly – preventing injuries and help you achieve powerful swings and precise movements. Additionally, through these classes, you will learn how to strengthen the center of the body – that being the core – and stabilize the rotation of the
shoulders which will allow you to improve flight distance.

This Pilates program will prevent golfers' injuries and improve stability in golf swings and range of motion by strengthening the core muscles and improving the flexibility of the whole body.

Heal U + Wellness & Pilates program

This bride-to-be intensive care program uses instrumental Pilates to effectively adjust and straighten the shoulder line, collarbone line as well as the forearm line.

Rather than losing weight blindly or in an unhealthy manner, it is necessary to take care of your body by strengthening the inner muscles while adjusting the overall balance of the body through posture correction and weight management. Through this program’s intensive, healthy, and thoughtful management, you can create a beautiful body line that compliments the fit of your wedding dress.

bride pilates

When muscles are strengthened through repetitive exercise, the body’s mobility and any
uncomfortable feelings due to movements can be improved drastically.

This is why we have a pilates class tailored for seniors. This program will help improve posture, movement and the sense of balance that may have been negatively impacted due to aging. You will feel pain relief often caused by arthritis as your posture and movements are corrected.


This program is tailored towards helping children develop and or correct their posture which may also aid in height growth. This program will support children in correcting any imbalances to their body shape caused by scoliosis, turtle neck, bent legs, or X-legs.

Kids & Youth Pilates